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Cam Hunt was a famous resident of Reddish from 1992 to 2005, and is the essential name for after-dinner speake...
Famous Person
Craig Massey was born in Reddish on Aug 24th 1980. Craig was in the Guinness Book of records in 1998 for havin...
Famous Person
Steven Burke was born in Reddish, on August 02nd 1978. Steven had an entry in the 1997 Guinness Book of Record...
Famous Person
Matthew Wall Wilson was born in Reddish, on June 02nd 1978. Matthew is a direct descendent of Stonewall Wilso...
Famous Person
Raymond John Vaughan Junior (A.K.A. The Fabulous Vaunster on YouTube) was born in Reddish on Sep 07th 1979. Ra...