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Help Stockport win electric car charging points

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Re: Help Stockport win electric car charging point
11th May 2012 at 2:10PM
ReallyGood Wrote:

Hi everyone

You might have seen the news story on this website about how our website, is taking part in a competition to win 30 quick chargers for electric cars for Stockport. We are a Hazel Grove-based firm and we are hoping to get everyone behind us to help us win.

There is also a chance for you to win an electric car, the Nissan LEAF or a brand new iPad if you take part in The Big Turn On comp run by Nissan.

Please tweet #NissanLEAFcar26 or retweet one of our competition tweets from @greencarwebsite. Alternatively click on 'The Big Turn On' banner on our website, or visit Full T&Cs on the The Big Turn On website. Just a quick note to say we are not personally responsible for the comp, Nissan is. But please do get behind us and help Stockport and Hazel Grove plug into the power of electric cars. Look out for our specially liveried car this week and next in the Grove!

loving the fact that the prize is a new car or an IPad. So, i don't know much about cars but i know the Ipad comes in at around 450.00, so assuming the car is of comparable price to make the choice realistic then what the Hell is a Nissan Leaf like as a car. It sounds to me like you wouldnt need one of these quick chargers, maybe just carry a couple of spare AAA batteries or a small dynamo like we used to have on push bikes to power the lights (always went off when sat at traffic lights which was scary.

Don't worry, I am being pedantic, please don't take me seriously ;)
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