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Rainow is a small village located on the River Dean near Macclesfield and Kettleshulme in Cheshire, UK. Previously a mining village, Rainow is situated on the Peak District border of Derbyshire and Cheshire.

The small Rainow Primary School houses up to 200 pupils and also caters for pupils with special educational needs. The village church, Holy Trinity, was erected in 1846.

Surrounded by farmland, Rainow has an annual Church Fete with tea marquee, Tug of war between the local public houses: The Robin Hood, The Rising Sun and The Highwayman, and a fell race across Kerridge Hill, overlooking the village.

A local landmark, White Nancy is a loaf shaped white stone building, which is circular in cross section. It was originally built to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Prior to its construction the site was occupied by a small brick beacon. Located on the northern end of Kerridge Hill the building straddles the boundary between the Parish's of Rainow and Bollington.

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