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Bypass is back on again!

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Re: Bypass is back on again!
2nd December 2011 at 8:32PM
Are the government only offering the amount it withdrew two years ago, which was 165m, or half the total? Greater Manchester Transport Committee still has to match that.
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Re: Bypass is back on again!
2nd December 2011 at 9:06PM
Hi raod
Cheers for your comments, I've had quite a few letters since I moved in and seem to remember something like you stated in your post however I've never really kept any of it as they've always ended with more information in due course!
I haven't had anything for a while except for a few ago I had one asking if I owned my property and who my mortgage was with etc, I sent mine back but a few of my neighbours said they wasn't even though it said it was a legal requirement but one neighbour seems to think it could be in case a compulsory purchase in the future?
Can you tell me what sort of compo if any, one could expect if this went ahead and it was looking to be around 50 yards away from my property?
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david abbot
Re: Bypass is back on again!
5th December 2011 at 3:06AM
mersey met mottorway stop
is an action group set up to try and stop metrolink going though mersey valley at chorlton.
and to make changes to metrolink and m56 link road to airport
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