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Airport relief road signs cost?

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Re: Airport relief road signs cost?
10th January 2013 at 9:00AM
Cassandra Wrote:

Hi, I guess the point about who pays for it comes down to the fact that yes, we would foot the bill of course through Council Tax etc but the Earnback Scheme (as far as anyone can really understand it and lots have tried) is predacated on loaning the money from future business rates that will be generated by economic growth. The problem is that we're in a flat (or depressed0 economy unlikely to show any real growth for years to come. So if these rates can't be collected to offset the bill, what happens? Stockport Council has failed to give us an answer, but it is undoubtedly a dangerous trade off which will likely lead us into enormous debt. That would then certainly lead to more cutting of council frontline services and I suppose it boils down to what you want your money to be spent on - an expensive road which will increase congestion on the A6 and A34, increase air pollution in areas already under Air Quality Management because levels are so high - or fixing the roads we have, emptying our bins, improving classrooms for our kids etc etc


and no doubt they will increase the council tax in coming years

The earnback scheme is not a proven scheme in Europe
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