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Travellers on the old Dial Park School Site

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Travellers on the old Dial Park School Site
14th November 2012 at 8:28PM
Travellers have set up home on the old dial park site on Offerton estate right at the end of the cow path that runs from sainsburys to Offerton.
I know this forum is for Hazel Grove but i feel it will effect both areas unless dealt with.

I rang Stockport Council in June to report that the iron fencing had been removed and that i had seen caravans hanging around and was informed that it would be investigated straight away, this was not rectified and i rang back and was again told that the issue would be investigated. Now 5 months on my fears have become reality and we have travellers in the area!
Why we pay coubcil tax is beyond me when this could have been prevented by simply securing the site.
Its time to baton down the hatches and be extra vigalent, i know that not all travellers are criminals but it is a proven fact that crime rises in areas where travellers are living.
I rang the council again this evening and they said they were aware of it and they will be issuing a warrant to remove them tommorow which could take weeks.
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gypsies near cow lane
15th November 2012 at 12:18AM
The old dial park school playground has gypsies on it, generators on, dogs barking. Just want a quiets nice sleep.
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