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Hazel Grove Bypass Is Finally ON!

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Re: Hazel Grove Bypass Is Finally ON!
28th January 2013 at 8:55PM
Pedestrian Wrote:

glenandem Wrote:

Hi pedestrian, yes of course you count but do you really need that many lights?
How did you cross before they put that many sets of lights within yards of each other?
I don't remember having any problems when I was younger crossing the rd, to me that's just one of the problems that's there's too many too close, if people need lights that close than its just an indication that this country is getting lazy when people can't walk to the next set of lights that aren't miles away sheesh!

Hi Glen, you think I'm lazy? Can't you see the irony there?
How did I cross the road before they put that many sets of lights within yards of each other?
Well, I was a lot younger then and there was less traffic. If you were a pedestrian, an older person with bags of shopping to carry, you wouldn't think the lights were as close together as you do as a driver.

hi sorry i cant read where i said YOU was lazy, i was saying the country in general is getting lazy, people want it on a plate all the time.
as regards irony yes i find it funny but i count myself as a driver who also walks around the grove as i find it quicker then driving from asda to say aldi or m and s because theres that many traffic lights huddled in one area and i dont get tired walking with my shopping.
i dont know if you know but the traffic actually hasnt increased its going down and down every year according to figures but who believes that eh? just that theres so many lights causing stop go traffic through the grove that its not helping.
i agree that we need traffic lights but surely you must agree that having that many lights around wynsors is stupid, even the buses turning off commercial rd cant get straight enough onto the a6 before the bus stop so they block both lanes!
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