Heaton Moor Neighbours

A Suburb in Stockport

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Solutions SK Watch
This is a community group to discuss, investigate and monitor Solutions SK - The wholly owned company of Stockport Council that delivers council services - following the recent losses of millions of pounds at the company.


Heatons Library
See www.stockport.gov.uk/libraries for details.

Primary School


Heaton Chapel
Located along a stretch of the A6, north of Stockport town centre, Heaton Chapel is known for its McVitie's biscuit factory and historically for aircraft and engine manufacture. Today WFEL is located in Haeton Chapel who build rapidly-deployable, modern b...
Heaton Mersey
One of the four Heatons, Heaton Mersey is situated in the Valley of the River Mersey and overlooks the Cheshire Plain. It is mostly residential and serves as a commuter zone for Manchester with parts of it designated a conservation area.

Special School

Heaton School
Heaton School is a special school for pupils aged 11–19 years who have severe or profound learning disabilities. It is well established in the local area of Heaton Moor and is a very strong community of children and young people, families, staff and other pa...