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Stockport MBC ignores residents petition

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Posted 5th March 2010 at 11:45AM by C Colclough
Chester Road in Hazel Grove is a pleasant suburb which suffers from speeding motorists. The Councilís response is to turn the road into an unwelcome urban obstacle course strewn with frustrating speed tables, redundant pedestrian islands and fragmented cycle lanes.

The majority of Chester Road residents do not support these heavy handed proposals. The Council Public Consultation in September 2009 revealed that twice the number of Chester Road residents were against the scheme than in favour. A subsequent petition rejecting the proposals was signed by 98% of the residents in the affected part of the Road.

Despite this overwhelming response the Council still intends to go ahead with their ill conceived plan.

The Council has employed hackneyed traffic management dogma to justify all the paraphernalia they want to impose on our road and ignores the fact that the people who are most affected do not want it.

In these times of economic stress it is absurd that the Council will waste money on a scheme unwanted by those on which it is supposed to help.

The Council will perversely retort that residents from adjoining roads support the scheme. Possibly, but as these residents will not suffer the consequence it is unlikely they would have given the proposed impositions as much thought as those who have lived on Chester Road for a long time. The average residency is over 20 years. As local residents we understand the vehicle, pedestrian and cycle traffic implications better than anybody. Life in Chester Road will certainly not be enhanced by this ugly urbanisation and the Council is unlikely to find the money to remove the scheme once it is proved a failure.

The Councilís approach has been pompous, undemocratic and unsympathetic. It leaves one questioning the integrity of other schemes on which they may have wasted money.


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