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A Suburb in Stockport

10 10 / 10 from 9 Reviews

hazel grove is top

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Posted 11th June 2006 at 11:32AM by lil_missnewton
Hazel Grove is top, its got everythin u need. Its a gr8 place 2 live,its got hospital,parks,big supermarkets,local farms and stables, a good long row of all types of shops along A6,schools,its got a good night life,library,its even got a mcdonalds and its own shoe shop winsors also opening a marks n spensors aswel, oh cant 4get 2 mension sainburys or my aunti may get upset.So its basically got everything u need i cant possibly point out everything theres so much more.Hazel grove is just a great place 2 live or visit,suits all ages so is good 4 families. Well thats all got time for now could go on all day.


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