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Posted 14th June 2006 at 12:08PM by The J. (Stockport)
Hazel Grove is a large suburban area of Stockport, South East Manchester with a considerable amount of industry. The town initially developed as a stop point on the A6 route from London to Carlisle for travellers to stay over in one of the many inns. Today, these inns have become the many pubs for which Hazel Grove is now most famous for.

The Grove as it is affectionately known has grown up around this main thoroughfare and most of the shops and businesses can be found along it. However, in recent times Hazel Grove has become congested with traffic contributing to a decline in small shops and that community feel about the place. There have long been plans to build a bypass to relieve the traffic problems however the plans have always failed to materialise due to a lack of agreement between the relevant parties.

Stepping Hill hospital is located on the edge of Hazel Grove serving the South East Manchester area and is one of the town’s major employers. Other important employers include Man B & W, Philips, Adidas and the industrial estate. Recently the Grove has seen an influx of nationally known chain stores and franchises opening in the town including Sainsbury’s, Tesco Express, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Marks & Spencer creating many new jobs and smaller businesses.

Hazel Grove is a relatively wealthy area with low unemployment and a higher than average percentage of professional workers. Nevertheless like most towns of a similar character it suffers from its fair share of anti social behaviour and yobs, not helped by the large number of pubs. The Grove is also home to a large number of takeaways, a nightclub and a couple of recently opened trendy bars.

Hazel Grove is well served by public transport with a train station and buses into Stockport and Manchester every few minutes. In addition, the highly rated Stockport Grammar School is only a few minutes away. It is also the home of Torkington Park, a large expanse of fields with tennis courts, football pitches and a playground. The park plays host to the annual carnival in the summer after it has paraded through the Grove and also hosts the travelling fair which tends to run the preceding weekend.

The Grove has excellent sports facilities with its own swimming baths, recreation centre, gym, golf course and many playing fields located around the area. There are many sports clubs to join from karate at the civic hall to gymnastics at the recreation centre to the many local football teams. Hazel Grove is a great place to live and work with everything you need nearby.


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