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Posted 5th July 2010 at 11:42AM by Christine Corris
May I set the record straight with regard to the Traffic Management scheme on Chester Road.

The origins of this go back over four years when the Council was contacted by local residents in the area wanting something done to reduce the speed of traffic along Chester Road.

Two years ago The Council Officers came up with a definitive scheme and the first of two public consultations was launched.

There followed three public meetings attended by over 200 people. Following comments at these meetings and taking into account comments raised from the returned questionaires the original scheme was amended to take account of the suggestions received from local residents.

The second of the two public consultations was then conducted, and the scheme tweaked further to take on board comments received.

The final scheme had the approval of the majority of residents who responded. It also had the approval of the Councillors from both Stepping Hill and Hazel Grove wards because it was what the majority of Residents wanted.

The Police have for some time now being monitoring the speed that some drivers use along Chester Road and handing out speeding fines, therefore demonstrating how seriously they viewed issue of speeding traffic.

I accept that some residents did not want the scheme that was approved. I accept that there are some residents who will never want the scheme that has been implemented, but the majority of residents do - that's called democracy.

The local Councillors (all six of them)have throughout this exercise listened to what local residents wanted which is why the scheme was amended before its implementation.

I have been contacted recently by several residents who wished to thank the council for the work done on Chester Road to improve road safety.

Finally can I say that I am sorry more of you could not make the Meeting last Wednesday at the Civic Hall you would have been able to hear the comments from other Hazel Grove residents who believe that the measures taken by the Council have been useful in reducing the traffic speed to the benefit of all.

Cllr. Christine Corris


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