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Fast and Dependable Rating: 9/10
Review for Lynx Taxis
By Guy I. on 25th October 2012

I have used Lynx many times and found them to to fast and reliable. I have been left waiting for quite a while once or twice but that has always been on busy nights like Christmas or new year! They also have some nice high tech answering systems which streamline the booking process.

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Three Bears Rating: 7/10
Review for Three Bears
By Robot69 on 10th September 2012

I remember this pub being built but it was always a 'cheap' and cheerful Robbies pub. Didn't really take care of the beers to a point I stopped going. In recent times it has improved and with the takeover of a new company has expanded to concentrate of food. Recently it has been subject of a makeover. Inside and out they have made a huge improvement to make it a place to eat and drink - especially to eat. However, if you want to drink then they have dumbed down with the b...

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Fiveways Rating: 4/10
Review for The Fiveways
By Robot69 on 10th September 2012

I've known this pub for most of my life. In the last 20 years its never been the greatest no matter how many face lifts its had or more recently how many managers its had. The stench of urine from the men's toilets has been resident for a number of years. The pool (as in snooker) has recently been 'done up' - Hmmm, interesting. Keeping of the beer has improved over the years which is a bonus. Not convinced about the food. Its a huge place with a big catchment area that ...

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Great Rating: 10/10
Review for Hazel Grove Plumbing Supplies Ltd
By Belvoir on 17th August 2012

The lads who work un the shop are very helpfull. I had to get a part so that my husband could fix his Mums toilet.. I was advised that I did'nt need the full part but only a very small bit of it.. the guy even replaced the small bit onto the exsisting part and it only cost a fraction of what we thought we had to pay!! It was'nt a one off either!! I was 'sent' back the next day to get a pipe for said toilet that had corroded !!.anyway they were just as helpfull and very fr...

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rising sun Rating: 10/10
Review for The Rising Sun
By saidy on 24th January 2010

Hi had a visit to the rising sun today after seeing the report in the local news and have to say congratulations to all the staff for making me feel welcom . the attmosphere and food was just fantastic , one of the best roast dinners ive had in a long time all the little touches at the table were very thoughtful not the usual for local pubs in the area we will certainly be visiting a lot more im sorry to say in recent yrs we have not used our pubs but if they all too...

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Rating: 1/10
By Ll W on 18th April 2016
I am utterly disgusted with the service received at your store. I was served by the rude Wendy who my family have done business with for many years more recently we had a brought a high end bathroom with the agreement of a bathroom mirror(which wa...

Rating: 10/10
By Richard T. on 26th November 2015
Today I had my first visit to Napoli Café, Very pleasant, friendly staff, Latte and a Sausage & Bacon barm. I shall be going again very soon, so there's not long to decide what else to try from the menu. Excellent!

Rating: 10/10
By Mr B. on 31st October 2015
If you want a very good local golf club with friendly members, have a look at Hazel Grove Golf Club on Buxton Road. Roll up & speak to the excellent Professional James & give it a try. You will not be disappointed. Happy golfing.

Rating: 10/10
By Ben T. on 28th May 2015
Mehfil is what used to be 'the olive' and is by far the best indian takeaway in Hazel Grove, the customer service is great, they are very friendly and willing to deliver to your door. as a long-term customer I have tried several dishes and think ...

Rating: 10/10
By Andy B. on 29th April 2015
The dresses are beautiful on their website