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great service at alfresco Rating: 10/10
Review for Al Fresco
By Janet on 3rd August 2013

Recently went for a family meal,great service.The food was excellent.Even though they had run out of the dessert we ordered,they went the extra mile and made 2 up for us,which really made our day.Will definitely be going back.

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I’ve tried really hard to like this Rating: 5/10
Review for Benvenuti
By Fi_nix on 29th July 2013

I really have tried hard to like this restaurant. I really should like it. It's close enough to walk to, clean enough, friendly staff etc. Everyone I know in the Grove seems to like it and have a deep affection for it, it's just not floating my boat though?! It's the food. The food just isn't up to scratch. I've been in so many times over the years and every time, I come away a little more disappointed. I've had very obviously tinned vegetables, watery pasta, rock-hard ...

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Beautiful food Rating: 9/10
Review for Al Fresco
By simon on 29th July 2013

Been coming to this place for years! Always great food and reasonably priced.

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Enjoyed but nothing special. Rating: 7/10
Review for Elvis’s Kitchen
By Paddy on 24th June 2013

We had a Legendary platter. I agree with review above. The loaded potatoes were nice but nothing special. I have to say I enjoyed the platter and would go again. I want to try one of their burgers to really see what it's like. The staff were friendly and the food came quickly. A small gripe is the menu is very extensive. So much so, it kinda makes me think that majority of the menu is frozen food and not fresh. Overall it's worth a visit.

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Best Donner in Grove! Rating: 9/10
Review for Stop Inn
By hellonpluto on 21st June 2013

I love their donner kebabs with hot chilli sauce. The chilli sauce is always spot on with a nice fiery kick!!!

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Disappointed Rating: 4/10
Review for Elvis’s Kitchen
By hellonpluto on 21st June 2013

I went here with my wife a while ago. As its around corner from us I thought great stuff a american/british diner on my doorstep! We had potato skins to start which were probably frozen as they reminded me of the ones you can get from tescos frozen asile. We had the "homemade" burgers. Pretty dissappointed in the quality of the burger. They may have been homemade but I could guarantee they were not fresh and had been frozen. I personally make a good burger and its no...

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Nightmare!!! Rating: 1/10
Review for Gemini
By PW83 on 1st June 2013

I would like to highlight the treatment I have received from Gemini Bathrooms in Hazel Grove Stockport. I had a bathroom designed and installed by Gemini just over 2 years ago After the installation I raised a complaint immediately as the bathroom designed did not match what they had installed with flooring being unfinished despite having digital design with that area tilled. I was then forced to accept a lining alternative. The bathroom installation was of a very poor qu...

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Good food Rating: 9/10
Review for Taste
By hazelgrover_20 on 17th May 2013

Nice quiet cafe, nice food and coffee.

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Good coffee, good food and good prices, all different choices of sandwiches available.

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Nice chips Rating: 10/10
Review for Adams Plaice
By hazelgrover_20 on 17th May 2013

Decided to give this place a try, the chips were fresh and tasted nice! and you get plenty.

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Recent Reviews

Rating: 1/10
By Ll W on 18th April 2016
I am utterly disgusted with the service received at your store. I was served by the rude Wendy who my family have done business with for many years more recently we had a brought a high end bathroom with the agreement of a bathroom mirror(which wa...

Rating: 10/10
By Richard T. on 26th November 2015
Today I had my first visit to Napoli Café, Very pleasant, friendly staff, Latte and a Sausage & Bacon barm. I shall be going again very soon, so there's not long to decide what else to try from the menu. Excellent!

Rating: 10/10
By Mr B. on 31st October 2015
If you want a very good local golf club with friendly members, have a look at Hazel Grove Golf Club on Buxton Road. Roll up & speak to the excellent Professional James & give it a try. You will not be disappointed. Happy golfing.

Rating: 10/10
By Ben T. on 28th May 2015
Mehfil is what used to be 'the olive' and is by far the best indian takeaway in Hazel Grove, the customer service is great, they are very friendly and willing to deliver to your door. as a long-term customer I have tried several dishes and think ...

Rating: 10/10
By Andy B. on 29th April 2015
The dresses are beautiful on their website