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Charity show at plaza
Hi everyone I am putting on a charity show at Stockport Plaza on Friday 21st November cost just £7.50 per ticket allproceeds are going to the mayors charities, the Royal British and the Alex Hulme foundation.I have a complete va...

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"I've been told that due to destruction of a protected species breeding sight that work is to be halted on the airport relief road can any one confirm this or is it just more rumours ?"

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"Hi all A family have lost their sandy coloured Staffie last seen on Spring Gardens. She answers to the name Bella. If anyone finds her please call me on 07445927593. Thanks!"

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1st Hazel Grove Scout Group has been selling Bedding Plants for 30 years direct from our professional grower in Cheshire. You can order bedding plants from February each year for delivery in early May. This is a major fundraising activity for our..

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"Hi all Just want to give you a quick update on a few local issues that I and Julian Lewis-Booth have been working on: 1) Torkington Road (between the junction with Offerton Road and Avondale) will be resurfaced over the summer. 2) Extra lighti..."

Rosa Bella - Spanish Baby Clothing Boutique has a new review

"The dresses are beautiful on their website"

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"I've currently completed my Bookkeeping qualifications and currently working through the next level of AAT exams to aid my career change into the financial sector. Assessments and exams are all well and good but what I really need is some real wo..."

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"Well not quite ... but after defeat in the Hazel Grove Ward at local elections, he like his wife did before him is standing for the Bredbury ward! People of Bredbury, vote for him if you want to hear nothing from him for 4 years!"

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"Good morning, If you have not had the opportunity to get to a hustings event or meet any of the people up for election as your MP you might be interested in reading my one to one interviews with all the candidates for Election here: https://mell..."

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"I'm absolutely disgusted by the LibDems. I'm a previous LibDem voter..and would never vote Conservative, so I don't say this lightly. Today, I received an email from a Laura Booth, through what I think must be the Lisa Smart mail list. It is phra..."

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"A breath of fresh air at last yesterday.... Some months ago there was a proposal that the A6 be reduced to one lane in each direction instead of the current two, to coincide with the Hazel Grove to Airport link road opening. The thought process ..."

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"With the water out across most of the area because of the leak near McDonalds, supposedly United Utilities have hooked up some "Water on Wheels" tankers to try to fill the gap, has anyone had any water come through yet? None here!"

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"Anyone know which road they are closing? Is it the entire junction? Any links would be appreciated. Thanks"

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"There is a petition on change.org for free parking in the town centre and to have Excell removed from the equation. Can the councillors please advise who owns the land which the Peel centre is on and comment on the terms of the agreement between t..."

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"I know it's election year and all but every other day I'm getting leaflets posted through, they all slate each other and tend to claim they got things passed thorough etc! Got a Lisa smart one through today and it had what looks like a picture of ..."

Hazel Grove in Stockport, close to the countryside of the Peak District and the city of Manchester. Built around the A6 road, 'The Grove' has good transport links, several large employers and many green spaces including Torkington Park.


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Home to the world famous Bamboo nightclub

Ricky Hatton was born at Stepping Hill H...

Elton John visited the Bamboo nightclub ...

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Beautiful clothes
The dresses are beautiful on their website

The worst of the Wetherspoons
I'm usually a fan of Wetherspoons but I find this one to be particularly dire. Service is consistently slow with the staff more interested in chatting to their frien...

Delicious..... totally addictive