Hazel Grove History

A Suburb in Stockport

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Bullock Smithy

Until the 17th century, the Hazel Grove area had been known by three separate townships, Torkington, Bosden-cum-Handforth and Norbury. In 1560, records show that a man named Richard Bullock was granted a lease by a John Torkington allowing him to build a smithy on the corner of what is today Torkington Park.

The smithy made repairs to carts and fitted iron shoes to the horses. As the Smithy became more important stagecoaches would use the stop to change horses together with a rest for the night, consequently more inns developed to cater for the demand. The smithy became known as the Bullock Smithy Inn.

Gradually the area around the smithy and ultimately the entire village became known as Bullock Smithy. The major industries in Bullock Smithy were coach repairs, inns, weaving, hatting and coal mining.