Hazel Grove History

A Suburb in Stockport

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Originally Hazel Grove was known by three separate townships, Norbury, Torkington and Bosden. As the village grew it became known as Bullock Smithy and later Hazel Grove. The development of the village from early times has been based on road travel south from Manchester to London as it is conveniently located 9 miles from Manchester. For more information click the chapters.

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Bullock Smithy
The history of Hazel Grove when it was known as Bullock Smithy

Name Change
The competing explanations over the change of name to Hazel Grove


Marine Scene
Can anyone remember this tropical and marine fish shop near the traffic lights on the A6?I worked there after school around 1974/5

The site
Is this site still sctive

The loss of Mirrlees field
I'm not sure how many people know that our little community website is up and running. But I'd like to ask anyone visiting the website if they could take a few minutes to support keeping Mirrlees Fields free from any fut...

Furniture shop
Hello I wondered if anyone remembers there being a funrniture shop in Hazel Grove, it was a double fronted shop selling beds, wardrobes etc and as far as I can remember it was down near pound stretcher and the fireplace shop. I k...

horse riding
Does anyone remember in the 60's getting a ride on a nag at a farm somewhere up Bean Leach Road way? Was it owned by John Broad, rag and bone man? I might be getting my memories mixed up, of course