Hazel Grove History

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Originally Hazel Grove was known by three separate townships, Norbury, Torkington and Bosden. As the village grew it became known as Bullock Smithy and later Hazel Grove. The development of the village from early times has been based on road travel south from Manchester to London as it is conveniently located 9 miles from Manchester. For more information click the chapters.

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Bullock Smithy
The history of Hazel Grove when it was known as Bullock Smithy

Name Change
The competing explanations over the change of name to Hazel Grove


Luftwaffe bomber shot down over Hazel Grove
In the early hours of 8 May 1941, a Heinkel bomber of Hitler’s Luftwaffe became the only enemy aircraft to be shot down over Greater Manchester. Engines ablaze, it streaked across the Stockport sky before crashing in flames i...

Nostalgia: A look back at Hazel Grove’s MAN Diesel
It's been more than a century since a field in ‘the little village of Hazel Grove’ was chosen as the site for a new engineering factory. Since then, MAN Diesel and Turbo UK has employed thousands of people to send Sto...

Discount paint shop
The discount paint shop, on the A6 opposite Sainsburys, is a fine red brick building - I would guess about 100 years old. The interior has seen better days, but must have been very fine in earlier times. Can anyone throw any light...

Heinkel He111 shot down near Torkington Road
Hello I am writing a short article about this. I'd be very grateful if anyone has any photographs of the wreckage. I'm also interested in finding out what happened to Mr Herbert WALLS and (if possible) a photo of his ho...

Greyhound Track
Does anyone have information about when the greyhound track opened and when it closed. Wikipedia says it closed 1960? - but that seems a bit late for me. Any ideas?