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The loss of Mirrlees field


The loss of Mirrlees field
29th August 2017 at 8:39PM, Edit: 29th August 2017 at 8:59PM by Serenity
I'm not sure how many people know that our little community website is up and running. But I'd like to ask anyone visiting the website if they could take a few minutes to support keeping Mirrlees Fields free from any future developments.

Some of you might agree that the site should be built on but if you feel the same way that I do that Hazel Grove needs to keep as much Green space as we possible can then please visit the friends of Mirrlees website and complete the questionnaire on-line there.

Please can you encourage your friends to complete the questionnaire if they go on the Fields. This is not just about frequency of use, it is about how the fields are valued by the community, so please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. There's space for your comments on the questionnaire and these are particularly useful.

I did ask if our councillors were involved and was told that they were. I wonder what Oliver thinks about these proposals. I know Williams against it.

I know it's only at the consultation stage at the moment but I thought there would be more information about locally. Nothing that I know of. No notices, nothing in the local paper...nothing. it's a shame as the field is very much used for recreational purposes. The local scouts have planted trees to harvest the fruit to sell at local farm markets.

It says that the closing date is October but I think it's being brought forward to September. I think the survey have had about 300 questionnaires completed.

Please try to offer your support. Thank you.
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