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That School.


That School.
20th July 2018 at 4:07PM
Havin grief wit the kids from hazel grove high. Is it me or has that place gone down the nick. I remember when it was goin to be an academy all the governors were shouting about how it was gonna be better. They were gonna have more money, better stuff, and all this was going to give better results and better behaved kids and a fabulous new building for us all to share.

I have friends who have moved house to get into the schools area, now they want to send there kids somewhere else. A friend of mine wont take his grandkids to McDs in the grove after 5 oclock cos of the language and the aggressive fightin kids from the school. I heard there has been fights and all sorts on torky park and kids in hospital.

The results are pretty naff now, wheres all the promisis of a better school with better kids. They had a headmistress who scared me, she was at one of the public meetings with a gobby governer. Bet she aint there anymore. End of the day the kids are runnin riot round the grove and ofsted rekon its gone backwards. It wasn’t much of a school when I went there, it pulled its socks up to good, now its down to wants improvement. Its like stockport has re invented st trinnians. Arnt schools supposed to teach kids manners respect and self discipline.
Anybody else seen this, I came on here thinking the place would be alight with people thinkin the same.
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Re: That School.
13th August 2018 at 2:41PM
Not really surprised that you have seen this. I think you are not alone. It is discouraging that such potential has come to this.
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