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No Smoking Ban

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Re: No Smoking Ban
26th July 2007 at 6:36AM
the rising sun smoking shelter isnt a smoking shelter! it was built by the landlord at the beginning of 2006 as an outdoor eating area (barbies and stuff),apparently he's now been told to take it down cos of planning reg's, lets hope he can get round it.
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Re: No Smoking Ban
26th July 2007 at 11:48AM
Adora Wrote:

Went out last night for the first time in ages. I'm a filthy smoker but I whole heartedly support the ban.

Browns had a smoking area but the big umberellas they had up were made of mesh - so with the recent wet weather, it was a bit of a soggy smoke!

Benvenuti's had one table and an umberella up and it was fine. Chattered to some lovely people whilst partaking of me after dinner drag!

Ended in the Rising Sun - the landlord has built a brilliant smoking area right outside the front door. He's made a really good job of it and the smokers and non-smokers were all happy with the arrangement.

I think most places are trying their best to accommodate everyone Babs. It'll soon become apparent which are trying the hardest!


Sorry Adora

I think you have missed the point,some of the pubs at the other end of the grove are allowing smoking INSIDE.

Yes i agree with you about the rising sun but when i asked Dave the landlord he told me he built it with his sons last year as an outside seating/eating area,(when we had a summer) but it has come in handy for the smoking ban.
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Re: No Smoking Ban
27th July 2007 at 3:36PM
At first I have to admit, I was happy the smoking ban came into affect.

But they discussed it on Radio 2 (they play it at work! honest) they discussed the so called "loop hole" whereby on nice summer days, the non smokers want to go outside, but its full of smokers polluting the atmosphere.

Its just getting stupid now. and I don't just mean the smoking ban, I mean the whole "political correctness" faze we're all going through
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