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hazel grove show


hazel grove show
23rd May 2006 at 11:15AM
does anyone remember hazel grove show.morris dancing,lots of different animals that would be judged for 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes.

the shire horses were my favourite,along with the prize bulls,although i remember the day one got free.quite a scary moment.

i suppose it has been replaced with the carnival,the same thing but on a smaller scale.

it was a great family day out and somehow the sun always shone.
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mary h
Re: hazel grove show
26th January 2007 at 10:47AM
Yes, I remember H. G. Show. Highlight of the year! Fair, animal shows, gymkhana, flower show, displays and much more. Used to be first weekend of July. I lived near Torkington Park and my friends and I used to get in under the hedge.....   But that was all a long time ago!
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