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Endless New Estates...


Endless New Estates...
17th February 2007 at 9:04AM
Within the past year or so all i ever seem to see is new housing estates popping up all over the place.

Theres the one on Walderns old site (though that was a while back now), then one popped up down by the BP petrol station, and most recently they knocked down penbies for a housing estate.

But i drove down bean leach road today and it looks like theres a lot of signs there, i couldn't make them out but with the recent spate of development i assume theres going to be a nice new estate down there.

The thing is, i liked Bean Leach, as you could go from a busy town (A6) straight into the country side (Bean Leach) within only a few minutes, and it was nice to see green. I was speaking to someone who remembers before Offerton estate and Bosden Farm estate was there.

And this got me thinking, what else has Hazel Grove lost? Well theres the farm by sainsburys, and the factories obviously. I hear there was a police station at the top of commercial road, Penbies and Walderns.

So can anybody else name anything thats now long gone? Pictures would be great, especially of the Police Station. If you have any please do upload them.
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Re: Endless New Estates...
18th February 2007 at 10:43AM
there is a new estate next to sainsburys aswell....

Ill tell you what it has lost.... its character...

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Re: Endless New Estates...
21st February 2007 at 1:14PM
The signs that are showing on bean leach road are for the Redrow site at the bottom of Commercial Road.
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