Edgeley Neighbours

A Suburb in Stockport

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Solutions SK Watch
This is a community group to discuss, investigate and monitor Solutions SK - The wholly owned company of Stockport Council that delivers council services - following the recent losses of millions of pounds at the company.


Edgeley Library
See www.stockport.gov.uk/ibraries for details.



Alexandra Park
The close proximity of a popular shopping centre, local school, library and play development centre means that local people are naturally drawn to the park as a central leisure facility. Over the years partnerships have been built between these agencies and t...

Sports Stadium

Primary School

Alexandra Park Primary School
The years at school are of vital importance. It is the time when attitudes are formed which affect the whole of your child’s education and his or her later life. Our school aims to provide a happy atmosphere where positive attitudes are fostered, where yo...
Lark Hill Primary School
We believe that the ‘school’ is not just a building. It is the active community of pupils and staff working in partnership with parents to ensure each child receives the best possible education. We aim to provide a ‘happy place to learn’ by expec...


The name Adswood is said to be derived from 'Adders wood'. It is believed that during the reign of King Charles the area had been royal hunting grounds and due to the then large population of snakes gave rise to this name which over time was shortene...
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