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Seminar for Parents. Organizing Party for your kid

Seminar for Parents. Organizing Party for your kid
5th February 2009 at 5:30PM
Don’t forget to mark this day in your calendar!

28th February, 2009
Eastcote Pinner
From 10 to 1 p.m

We will be waiting for you to come to our seminar for parents.
After our useful meeting you will know how to organize 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th birthday Parties for your lovely child.

At this age your child is too small for clowns and magicians who can scare them, besides only you know your child better than anybody else. You feel your child better than anybody else. You just need some knowledge, ideas, helpful tips and information to make a fabulous party for your little prince /princess.

The programme of the seminar.

10.00 -10.10 – registration
10.10 -10.45 – Your child’s 1st Birthday Party: general outline, balloon and other sorts of decorations, invitations, games, quizzes, ideas to surprise and entertain your relatives and friends. Entertainment for the smallest one. How to celebrate the second birthday: games for children, ideas, suggestions and music
10.45 -11.00 – Break
11.00 -12.40 – Third and fourth birthday parties: games, tips, music, dances, costumes and balloon modelling
12.40 – 13.00 – Round table and discussions of possible difficulties, answering questions

Refreshments and stationary provided.

18£ per person
St. Lawrence Church
Bridle Road, Pinner

Please book your place in advance
0777 223 73 61

PS. The next seminar will be THEMED PARTIES from A to Z. If you are interested, just let u know.
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Re: Seminar for Parents. Organizing Party for your
13th February 2009 at 6:13AM
Ten reasons to come:
1. Only you know your child more than anybody else, and only you can feel your child 100%, so only you can make a perfect party when your child is 1- 4

2. You will get useful information from prof. teacher, psychologist and event organizer

3. During economic crisis you wouldn't need to pay huge sums of money to entertainers.

4. Paying 18 pounds you invest in your ability to make from 1 up to 4 birthday parties

5. You would spend nice time in friendly atmosphere

6. You will know a lot about games, music, activities that will make event really fab!

7. You will get our business card with 10% discount for future events of any sorts (birthdays: yours, your kids and relatives, anniversaries, corporate parties, weddings, etc)

8. Some of you will win souvenirs

9. You will have a chance to buy disks with great music for your kid's party

10. You will see your child's happy eyes and hear a lot of words of praise after making the party by yourself! Think it worth it!

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