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WARNING to all DOG WALKERS- Edisford Bridge area C

WARNING to all DOG WALKERS- Edisford Bridge area C
5th March 2013 at 6:12PM
Whilst walking our dog we have observed some very suspicious behaviour of 2 men hanging about the Edisford Bridge area watching dog walkers and taking picture’s with a camera. These 2 men appear an odd couple, sporting ill looking slight country attire, but something just doesn’t ring quite right. We are concerned that they may be part of the dog snatching gangs that are operation in and around these areas, steeling dogs for dog baiting. We have spotted them once again this afternoon between 1.30pm and 2.30pm, and we fear they are clocking dog walkers. We just would like to share this information and ask for dog walkers to be extra vigilant and possibly look at coupling up with other dog walkers and keeping your dog closely insight, as they are using various tactics and observations to prey on dog owners.
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