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Cheadle care home publishes guide to keeping healt

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29th March 2016 at 4:29PM Be the first to comment 
Cheadle care home publishes guide to keeping healt
Care UK’s Abney Court care home in Abney Hall Park in Cheadle is providing support for older people with the publication of Eating as we age, a free guide packed with advice on keeping healthy and hydrated in older age.

Designed to help anyone who experiences problems with eating or drinking, as well as those caring for an older friend or relative, Eating as we age is an easy-to-follow guide which pools the expertise of Care UK’s chefs and the experiences of its care professionals.

Eating as we age answers the most common questions and concerns people have about the health and wellbeing of their loved ones as they get older. Offering practical tips for nutrition, hydration and dining with dignity alongside recipe inspiration, the guide also addresses specific issues such as how to stimulate diminishing appetites, the best ways of fortifying foods, and supporting people living with dementia to eat well and stay hydrated.

According to a survey of 1,000 people with parents over 70, which was recently carried out by Care UK, almost a quarter of those in the North West have not seen their loved ones eat a full meal prepared by themselves over the last six months.

The survey also revealed almost half of respondents in the region have noticed their mum or dad eating smaller portions than they used to, while 11 per cent observed their parents often eat snacks instead of a main meal.

Tracy Mitchell, home manager at Abney Court, said: “With over 7,000 people living in Care UK care homes across the UK, day-in, day-out we see the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet, with old age and illness often putting a strain on the body.

“We understand how tough it can be for family carers when loved ones’ appetites diminish, and they lose interest in mealtimes; while dementia can also bring with it many challenges.

“However, the smallest of changes can lead to big improvements in the health and wellbeing of older people; and we have collated a family-friendly guide which is full of tried-and-tested tips as well as nutritious recipe ideas, which we hope will make a real difference.

“From the colour of the tablecloth and table settings, to the sights and sounds of the kitchen and dining room; from adding the occasional spoonful of cream and butter to boost the calorie content of every-day foods, to replacing salt with lime juice, the guide provides simple solutions for overcoming common problems around eating well and staying properly hydrated in all weathers.”

According to the findings of Care UK’s survey, 46 per cent of older people in North West find it difficult to prepare meals, with 29 per cent needing regular support to prepare and cook dinner.

Tracy continued: “Eating as we age also has a chapter dedicated to ‘dining with dignity’, as its just as important to support older people to continue enjoying the social experience of dining. A good mealtime experience can encourage people to eat more and have a hugely positive impact on their overall wellbeing.

“The guide also provides tips for involving older people in the preparation of food for themselves and others, where possible, as these kinds of activities can be relaxing and therapeutic – particularly for those living with dementia.

“To pick up your free copy of Eating as we age, pop-in to Abney Court, or download the guide at Our doors are always open, and our trained chefs are on hand to talk to people about how they cater for the changing needs and tastes of older people.”

For more information on Abney Court, please call customer relations manager Pam Wilson on 0161 660 5713 or email visit:

Eating as we age is the latest in a series of advice guides for family carers from Care UK. For information on other available guides, please go to


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