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Message User or contact Gwen Ward on 07789 340650

Local part time vacancy

We are looking for a ‘Locker Upper’ for our Boundary House, Cheadle Point head office, someone to ensure we are safely locked and secured each evening.

You will ensure that our 18,000 sq ft three floors of office space is securely shuttered and locked up each evening after our colleagues have left for the day …..oh and ensuring lights are off would be good.

Hours Monday – Friday 5pm-7pm

You’re our kind of person because you care. You will want to ensure that Boundary House is as secure as your home would be when you switch off the lights and head to bed.

There is 18,000 sq ft plus car parks to cover so whilst we don’t need an Olympian athlete, you will probably be retired, looking to keep your hand in and need to be physically fit.

As with all our colleagues you will be a part of the family that is Boutinot. You will be paid of course, but beyond that you can expect to spend your working time with a great bunch of people. We are proud of our past, extremely excited about our future and you will be a vital part of that.
If you think you could be the ‘key’ to our ongoing security or if you would like a chat to find out more about us and the role please contact me, Gwen on 07789 340650 (please do leave me a message if I can’t get to the phone when you ring) or email me

Visit us at

Posted 17th August 2016 at 2:46PM by Chloe Y - Updated: 18th August 2016 at 6:01PM


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