Cheadle Primary School

Ashfield Road, Cheadle, Stockport, SK8 1BB

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Cheadle Primary School

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Ashfield Road

0161 4285026

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Cheadle Primary School is a Primary School in..


Cheadle Primary School will be a happy, safe, secure and well-disciplined environment where all children can expect to enjoy a high quality education and are keen to learn. It will be a place where expectations are high and where achievement of all kind is rewarded and praised. Personalised learning will ensure that every child’s needs are met in order that they may achieve their full potential. Each member of the school community will be respected as an individual and all contributions will be valued.

Cheadle Primary School will provide activities outside school hours to extend and enrich learning. At Cheadle Primary School there will be a shared sense of purpose and an effective partnership built with parents and carers. There will be a commitment to continual reflection and improvement. The school will be well respected within the wider community and it will be a place in which everyone can feel a sense of pride.


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