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Bramhall memories

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Posted 1st November 2006 at 7:21AM by Phil
My Mum was born in Bramhall in 1913 at 193 Moss Lane. It was a second hand shop.I suppose you would call it an antique shop today.The premises became the Bramhall chippy in the sixties and Mum told us all she was born in the front room exactly where the frying range is now.She had a great sense of humour and was popular with everyone.As a young lady she was called a brazen hussy for daring to ride a bicycle around the village.Her father had moved to Bramall (no letter H) from Hartington in Derbyshire. They owned the big house right by the duck pond in the village centre of Hartington.He set up business in the early 1900s as a carpenter in Bramall and built all kind of seats for the garden.He made those beautiful benches that went right around tree trunks and was also called upon to build garden railways on trellises for the gardens of the richer people.In those days many people in Bramhall had servants.The house I lived in as a child still had buzzers conecting every room to the kitchen.My brothers and I kept Mum on the hop but she took it with a laugh.She was the first lady to volunteer for war work at AVROs and was soon in charge of fifty or more girls that had to clean up the the Lancaster bombers as quickly as possible to go on there next mission.If they had been in heavy fighting and had needed repairs they would have a test flight before going on active service again.On many occasins she persuaded the pilot to sneek her aboard and once airborn was allowed to sit in the cockpit for a flight over Cheshire. She never missed an oppertunity to have some fun. Her name was MargaretGarside but she was known as Madge.
Rating: 10/10
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