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Help us find a cure for cancer

29th March 2014

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18th March 2014 at 12:35PM 1 Comments 
Help us find a cure for cancer
On 29th March 2014, volunteers from Cancer Research UK will be taking over Bramhall by painting it PURPLE!
Relay For Life is a national event ran by Cancer Research UK. This life changing event is perhaps the most fun you can have over a weekend whilst raising money to help beat cancer. Last year there was 37 events across the country raising over £1.7million towards our life saving work. This year brings us 42 events - and we need your help!
Stockport has it's very own Relay For Life, taking place on 7th and 8th June 2014 at Stockport Rugby Club. ALL money raised by Relay For Life Stockport goes to the new Manchester Cancer Research Centre in Witington - meaning that all money raised goes straight back into research in Greater Manchester, all money raised goes towards creating more tomorrows for our loved ones.
To find out more, come along to our 'Paint Bramhall Purple' event on 29th March 2014 or visit our website here:

William Vickers
Cure for cancer
19th July 2015 at 6:02PM
It's the human species that is assisting this obscenity of a disease to proliferate throughout the world.   Until we ban smoking and allow millions (yes, millions)of us to 'swan' around in vehicles that are emitting extremely toxic pollutants then ghastly statistics of lung cancer will continue to rise dramaticly in 'so-called' advanced nations.   We can't and don't want to 'uninvent the cigarette and the motor car quite simply because we find them both enjoyable.
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